Staff Training and Development Unit training

The following courses are being offered by STDU, and may be of interest to Research Staff. For more information or to book a place on a course, please go to and click on the appropriate course. NB duration of courses vary.

Springboard Women’s Development Programme 09/09/2009 – 03/12/2009

The Staff Training and Development Unit has recently become licensed to run the award-winning Springboard Women’s Development Programme,, and can now open the programme to all female staff in the University.

Springboard is aimed at all women, whatever their age, background, role or job category, who want to make changes in their lives, whether these are related to work, home, social activities or relationships. It allows them to set their own agenda and objectives and to achieve as much – or as little – as they wish. The commitment is to attend four workshops, run over three months and to work through a workbook, which is provided at the first session. In addition, the programme is based on mutual support from the group itself and is a good opportunity to meet other women from around campus.

Career Development Workshop 14/09/2009 OR 02/10/09

The overall aim of the workshop is to help individuals take greater control of their careers and understand how to manage their careers more effectively and in a proactive manner. For most of us, our career takes up a significant chunk of our lives and therefore spending some quality time considering what we want from this and how we might go about achieving that makes sense.   The workshop is therefore suitable for anyone, at any stage of their career. During the workshop there will be a range of activities designed to help you explore your career interests, your values, what it is that you want from your career and what you have to offer.  The workshop will also provide a valuable opportunity to network with other colleagues and share ideas.

Assertiveness for Women 21/09/2009, 09/11/2009, 26/01/10 OR 22/04/10

Would you like to be able to converse and work well with people at all levels? Would you like to be able to say no without feeling guilty? Would you like to be able to ask for what you want without worrying about it first or feeling like you’re in for a fight? If you answered yes to any of these questions, then this course is for you. Assertiveness training puts you on the path to achieving these aims and allows you to practice the skill in a supportive and encouraging environment. Duration: 1 day with a half day follow-up

Having Difficult Conversations 22/09/2009 OR 4/11/09

This course is aimed at any member of staff who needs to have one to one conversations that explore areas such as poor performance, inappropriate behavior, negative attitudes etc.

The areas covered are;

  • The importance of planning for difficult conversations
  • Escalators – the things that cause conflict 
  • The three key preparation questions
  • Opening the conversation
  • Finding ways to express yourself without attributing blame
  • Asking the right question
  • Handling defensive reactions

Getting the best from your PDR – a briefing for all reviewees 28/10/2009, 08/12/2009 OR 16/02/2010

All research staff are entitled to undergo regular PDRs with a line manager or nominated equivalent. The performance and development review is an excellent opportunity for you to formally discuss work issues, training and development and other support needs with your manager or supervisor. This course is geared towards helping you prepare for and get the best out of your performance and development review.


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