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I’ve been doing some work today on trying to understand which funding opportunities are likely to be of most interest and most relevance to early career researchers. Next year we have a couple of sessions on funding (one on applying to the AHRC, one on applying to the ESRC and one on alternative sources of funding) running as part of the Research Staff Development programme – details to follow later in the summer – so I’ve been trying to get my head around the application process(es), eligibility criteria and deadlines for all of the various schemes. Thankfully we’ll have some experienced academic grant holders at the sessions to help me out…

However, I did find these presentations squirreled away on the ESRC website, and thought they might be useful for anyone who’s currently thinking about applying for ESRC money. If you’re still fairly new to post-doc work, you could be eligible for the Postdoctoral Fellowship scheme (you have to have no more than 3 years ‘active’ post-doc experience to apply). If you’ve been around a bit longer you might think about the First Grant Scheme – although the annual deadline was back in April, it is probably worth planning your application if you intend to apply next year as the process can be very long. Both of these are covered in the ‘Early Career Opportunities’ presentation. If you’re more interested in the ‘Research Grant’ (small or standard) Scheme you’ll need to look at the ‘Mid-Career Opportunities’ presentation. There are also presentations on writing the application and the review process which may be useful as you begin to think about your application. All of the presentations can be accessed here:  I’m not sure whether the AHRC have something similar – that’s my next job.

I hope you find these useful – as I mentioned above, we’ll be offering training in applying to both the AHRC and ESRC later in the year, as well as looking at other, non-RCUK sources of potential funding.


2 thoughts on “ESRC Slideshare Presentations

  1. Thank you Claire, that is very helpful indeed. Especially the presentation on writing the application and the review process, I found up to the point. The website in general is very informative.


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