JMCE funding – call for bids

The Jean Monnet Centre of Excellence has just issued the following call for bids to run seminars and workshops on any aspect of European studies:


Following successful competitions in previous years, proposals for seminar series/workshops to be held in conjunction with the Manchester Jean Monnet Centre of Excellence are now invited. This call is for activities to take place before the end of the first semester of the next academic year (2010/11) [i.e. 31 January 2011]. (N.B.: The selection committee may give preference to activities which will be completed by 31 July 2010. Continued funding permitting, there will be a further call for funding bids for the second semester of the current academic year 2009/10 and academic year 2010/11 in February 2009).


The Jean Monnet Centre of Excellence organises a wide range of Europe-related activities. It aims to promote European Studies broadly defined, covering a range of disciplines including history, cultural studies, languages and linguistics, law, the social sciences, and management. The Centre’s remit also includes institutional, legal, political, economic, historical and social dimensions of the European Union. Further details are to be found on the website:

It is envisaged that the Jean Monnet Centre of Excellence will be able to fund a number of seminar/workshop bids in this round. The maximum amount for any one bid is £1000. Seminar series proposals of a multidisciplinary nature, reflecting the outlook of the Jean Monnet Centre, are encouraged, as are cross-institutional bids, but there are no formal restrictions upon applications. In recent years, the JMCE supported day-seminars, seminar series and European-themed sessions at larger-scale conferences. For details of the events, see:

Proposals must include the following details:

  • outline of the rationale for the event
  • provisional speakers
  • location (N.B.: the event must be held at one of the partner institutions and open to staff and students)
  • organisation (e.g. one-day event, conference, etc.)
  • name of organiser/s (must be full-time academic member(s) of staff based in an academic department, School or research unit contributing to the JMCE at the University of Manchester, Manchester Metropolitan University or University of Salford)
  • indication of plans for the engagement of postgraduate students
  • budget/costing (these should be as detailed as possible, and should include an indication of co-funding, secured or prospective, since that is an expectation). The JMCE is committed to demonstrating its effectiveness through increasing external funding of research. Applicants are invited to indicate how their proposals may lead to bids for external funding. 

Queries about the proposals should be directed to the chair of the selection committee, Dr Till. Geiger (


Events supported by the Jean Monnet Centre of Excellence must acknowledge the financial assistance received. A short report will be required after the event for posting on the website.


Bids must be submitted by Friday 20 November 2009 to

Applicants will be informed of decisions of the selection committee approximately one month after the deadline.


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