Seven Practical Rules for Early Career Success

This post (#976) from the ‘Tomorrow’s Professor’ blog contains some great advice for junior faculty from an experienced academic at a US university.  Some of it ought to be fairly obvious (although is not always easy in practice so a reminder every now and then doesn’t go amiss).

While you’re on the blog site, it’s worth taking a look at past blog postings – they tend to be really good. They quite often focus on teaching which is less useful to those of you who spend most, if not all, of your time on research. However, for those of you who might be applying for jobs, post #942 ‘Hiring from the Institution’s Point of View’ might be useful; if you’re struggling to write a paper or presentation, or you went to the ‘Distilling Ideas’ session this week, #900 ‘How to Write Anything’ and/or #851 ‘Reducing Over-Complexity in your Scholarly Writing’ might be interesting; and if you were at the AHRC session yesterday you will have heard a fair bit about collegiality, paying attention to departmantal agendas and collaboration and so might want to read #792 ‘Collegiality: The Tenure Track’s Pandora’s Box’.

All of these posts (and many more) can be read at or you can sign up to the ‘Tomorrow’s Professor’ mailing list at:


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