Education Tutors and Students: Cash for your bright ideas

The Higher Education Academy’s Education subject centre, ESCalate, is offering small prizes for the sharing of good teaching and learning practices.

1. Hot Topics are short pieces, usually an electronic offering by teachers. They are a ‘eureka!’ moment that makes a short, pithy contribution to solving a problem or a challenge, and invites dialogue on a current topic. A Hot Topic discussion enhances teaching or learning in some simple, imaginative and creative way: something that is essentially ‘of the moment’. Awards of £50 will be made for each Hot Topic accepted – tutors or students may apply. For more information see:

2. Sharing Ideas is a fund aimed at enhancing teaching and learning by encouraging staff in Education departments to take existing ideas that are working well within a module, a programme or with a cohort of students, and to develop a dissemination strategy to encourage the ideas’ adoption more widely within an institution as well as the wider Education community. Since students often make significant contributions to developing course content and delivery, students as well as staff are eligible to apply for funding of up to £500 towards dissemination of their ideas. For more information see

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