Writing for Oral Presentation

If anyone would like to join the next Research Staff Writing Workshop make sure you book  your place soon. Previous writing workshops on ‘Distilling Ideas’ and ‘Writing Effective Introductions’ have been very well received by participants. Every participant on each of the two previous sessions have found them relevant to their current role, and comments on the sessions include:

“Great content, superb delivery”

“…it was an excellent session with engaging activities”

“Will use it straightaway”

“I enjoyed this session and the inter-activity”

The next session, on “Writing for Oral Presentation” ought to be helpful to anyone who is involved in teaching, delivering conference papers or giving presentations to members of the public or industry. Anyone who has ever been to lectures or conferences has seen the results of poor written presentation – people reciting verbatim from a lengthy script, people getting lost in poorly organised notes, or people running vastly over their time allocation. This session is intended to help you to avoid all of those common problems by preparing effective written notes for any type of presentation (it is not a presentation ‘skills’ session and will not offer tips on oral delivery per se).

The session will be held on Tuesday November 17th from 12.30-14.00 in University Place, room 5.206. Feel free to bring your sandwiches!


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