Research Staff Pick and Mix Development Day

11 December 2009 in University Place

This event is being run by the Faculty of Engineering and Physical Sciences, but Humanities Researchers are also invited to attend.

Focus on relating with others more productively, plus careers essentials and more. This is a good chance to pick up many useful tools and practical tips in a short space of time, and to meet with other researchers. You choose which parts of the day you’d like to come to.

Details of the programme & how to register:

Whether you will dip your toes into just one session, devote the day to your own development, or join research colleagues for informal networking and chat, we hope this day will enthuse and support you in your current role. Each 90-minute session will give a range of practical tools and approaches to help you get ahead.

We are pleased to have presenters from VOX Coaching returning to feature on this day, offering you:
– Impact at Meetings
– Speak for Yourself: Assertive Communication
– Successful Interviews
– Building Rapport
– Culture Club.

VOX Coaching always receive high praise from Research Staff, e.g. “Fantastic workshop. Very helpful.” “Gave me motivation. Cheered me up with self confidence. Really enjoyed.” ” Enjoyed it a lot. Very concrete, surprising. Kate and Pete: great.”

There’s the chance to focus on your own development and find practical ways to move on in your career, with Dr. Gemma Muckle (EPS Researcher Development) and Dr. Sonja Tomaskovic (Careers Advisor for Research Staff:
– Planning your Development
– Careers drop-in
– EPS Researcher Development – your space.

Over lunch and at the drinks reception, you can meet other researchers and some post-doc representatives, and find information on future opportunities. If you wish to discuss something particular with other researchers (e.g. collaborations, getting funding, work-life balance, social events), you can label a table with your topic so others can find you and get talking!


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