‘Realities’ Training Workshop: Writing Methods

Tuesday 2nd March 2010, University of Manchester

This course is for people who are currently in the process of writing with data, or just about to start doing so, and would like some training and guidance. The Realities centre is therefore asking for those interested in attending to complete an application form. This can be downloaded from their website (link below) and should be returned before 10am, Thursday 28th January. Successful applicants will be notified week commencing 1st February 2010.

‘Writing with Qualitative Data’ – Jennifer Mason, University of Manchester
This session discusses practical and intellectual strategies for writing with qualitative data, and considers how it is possible to theorise or write conceptually, with such data.

‘Writing with Quantitative Data’ – James Nazroo, University of Manchester
This session discusses strategies for writing with quantitative data, how to critically engage and theorise with such data, and the communication and practical issues this involves.

‘Writing with mixed data: challenges and strategies’ group discussion led by Jennifer Mason and James Nazroo (University of Manchester)
This session will focus on the different kinds of data that workshop participants use, the challenge that writing with mixed data presents and strategies that can be deployed.

‘Writing for policy and non-academic audiences’ – Stephen Webster, NatCen
This session focuses on writing with qualitative and quantitative data for non-academic research users, and especially for policy audiences. It will focus on the importance of the conceptual narrative and the extent assumptions can be made when communicating findings. The session
will also discuss challenges and solutions presented by the new 1-3-25 Government Policy report form.


Participants will be required to apply for a place on this course, before 10am, Thursday 28th January 2010. Please email or visit the Realities website for the application form: http://www.manchester.ac.uk/realities

Fee: £60 academic/charity institution staff; £30 full-time student/unwaged; £220 other


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