STDU Courses

In addition to the new Research Staff Development Opportunities which have just been added to the Training Calendar (, Researchers might also find the following Staff Training and Development Courses of interest. Please remeber that the courses offered by STDU are not specifically intended for research staff, although many are aimed at academic staff. This means that participants may have to be patient if material which is not directly relevant to their current role is presented.

Places can be booked through the STDU website at:

Academic writing for members of staff whose first language is not English – 20.01.10 10.00-13.00 (with a follow-up one-on-one tutorial)

Introduction to teaching, learning and assessment – 20.01.10 09.30-16.30

Speaking and presenting for non-native speakers – 27.01.10 10.00-13.00

Time management – 29.01.10 (or 11.02.10) 10.00-16.00

Having difficult conversations – 05.02.10 (or 25.05.10) 09.30-12.30

Writing in a clearer style – 12.02.10 (or 27.04.10) 14.00-15.30

Assertiveness for women – 22.02.10 (or 22.04.10) 10.00-16.00 (with a follow-up session on 08.03.10 09.30-12.30)

Introduction to project management – 23.02.10 (or 22.04.10) 09.30-16.30

Organising the introductions to academic articles – 04.03.10 14.00-15.30

Writing discussion sections for research articles – 16.03.10 14.00-15.30

Speed reading – 22.03.10 09.30-16.00

Springboard Women’s Development Programme – 4 workshops commencing 23.03.10 09.15-16.30

Achieving flow in writing – 11.05.10 14.00-15.30

STDU run several other training and development courses which may be of interest to some research staff, so be sure to check their website.


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