Call for abstracts – ‘Vital Signs 2: Engaging Research Imaginations’

Call for abstracts now open

How can we engage our research imaginations and rise to the challenge of generating knowledge that is vital and resonates with complex and multi-dimensional lived realities? Vital Signs 2 will provide a major forum for lively and engaged discussion of these issues.

Abstracts are invited in the following kinds of areas. These are intended to inspire the imagination, and should not be seen as prescriptive.

  • Approaches to researching nature, culture, the material and the social
  • Researching visual, auditory, tactile and other sensory realms
  • Researching in/tangibility, intersubjectivity, memory, feelings
  • Bridging different disciplines in understanding real life; for example, combining ‘social science’, ‘science’, ‘art’, ‘literature’, ‘history’, ‘policy’ and ‘journalism’
  • Crossover, hybrid and mixed methods in real life research
  • Authenticity, rigour, rhetoric and imagination. What counts as ‘evidence’? How is knowledge about real lives constituted, substantiated and made believable?
  • Using different ‘registers’, modes and media to represent and communicate knowledge
  • Thinking and theorizing with real life data
  • Real life research ethics, moralities and politics

Date: 7-9 September 2010

Location: University of Manchester, Manchester UK

Keynote speakers

  • David Inglis (Cultural Sociology, University of Aberdeen)
  • Nigel Rapport (Anthropology/Philosophy, St Andrews University)
  • Gillian Rose (Geography/Visual Culture, Open University)
  • Jennifer Mason (Sociology, University of Manchester)

How to submit your abstract

Fill in our abstract submission form vital-signs2-abstracts-submission and email it back to us ( by 9.30am on Monday 15 March 2010.


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