Training from Research Computing Services

Get the most from your research effort using advanced research computing techniques

Do you encounter questions like this in the course of your research:

* Is it possible to get my research models to run quicker?
* How do I run larger problem sizes and address more ambitious research questions?
* Should I use Fortran or MATLAB to develop my research applications?
* Why doesn’t my research code run 4 times faster on the quad-core machine on my desk?
* How do I make sense of large amounts of research data with visualization?

IT Services offer training courses (including bespoke courses tailored
to your research group) that will help you answer every one of these
questions, assisting you along the way, whether you are a beginner or
an expert user of high end computing facilities. For more information
on training see or

Forthcoming Courses:

Introduction to Advanced Research Computing – Thursday 13 April

Fortran95 – Wednesday 14 & Thursday 15 April

Introduction to MATLAB – Tuesday 20 April

Programming in MATLAB – Wednesday 21 April

Advanced MATLAB topics – Monday 26 April

Research Computing using MPI – Tuesday 27 April

Further advanced MATLAB – Wednesday 28 April

LaTeX for Researchers – Thursday 29 April

Introduction to MATLAB – Tuesday 4 May

Programming in MATLAB – Thursday 6 May

Advanced MATLAB topics – Tuesday 11 May

Further advanced MATLAB – Thursday 13 May

Introduction to Scientific Visualisation – Tues 18 May

Research Computing using Condor – Tues 25 May

Shared Memory and Multicore Programming with OpenMP – Thurs 27 May

Intro to AVS Express – Tuesday 1 June

Image Based Modelling Using Finite Elements – Wednesday 9 & Thursday 10 June

Module Writing in AVS/Express – Tuesday 15 & Wednesday 16 June

Introduction to Avizo/Amira – Tuesday 22 June


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