2010 Research Staff Conference – Registration Open!

Registration for this year’s Research Staff Conference is now open. The conference will take place at Chancellor’s Hotel and Conference Centre in Fallowfield from 09.30-18.00 on Tuesday 11th May, and the theme of this year’s conference is ‘impact’.

Impact is, in many ways, integral to the work of the University in the 21st century, and those who work in Higher Education are increasingly having to explain how their work has ‘impact’ on the disciplinary, academic, local, national and/or global community. The aim of this year’s conference, then, is to explore what impact means for current researchers and future academics, from a range of different perspectives. These include:

  • What RCUK mean by impact, and how to explain the impact of your research on grant applications
  • How impact will be measured in the REF
  • How to ensure maximum impact for your research publications
  • How to create impact for your research outside of academia (through, for instance, non-academic publications and public engagement)
  • Understanding what matters when you’re preparing and applying for academic jobs
  • And much more…

The day will consist of a series of workshops and short talks which will be arranged into 5 ‘strands’: personal impact, impact beyond academia, impact of research publications, impact for/in academic careers and impact in grant writing. The programme will be flexible, allowing you to attend several workshops within one theme if you have a particular interest, or allowing you to mix and match workshops from different streams to create an individualised pathway through the day. In addition, there will also be plenty of opportunities for you to network and socialise with other participants as well as the speakers and workshop facilitators, and there will be dedicated space for you to check your e-mail or get on with a bit of work if you need to.

More details about the programme, as well as the individual workshops and the presenters, can be found at the conference website.

Places are limited, so book yours as soon as possible (registration closes at 16.00 on Friday 30th April). Go to the conference website for more details and to register: http://www.21centuryresearcher.manchester.ac.uk/

Open to Research Staff only


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