Forthcoming Vitae events for Research Staff

The following events may be of interest to Research Staff. Many of them are free to attend (but check the details to be sure – some, delivered by people other than Vitae, are quite expensive!) and some of them are being held here in Manchester.

The Challenges of Collaborative Work in the Academy, 29th April, London. More details at:

Please note – one of the presenters of this workshop is also presenting on academic collaboration at this year’s Research Staff Conference (see:

Making a successful research grant proposal, Buckinghamshire, 21st and 22nd May. More at:

Leadership in action, Bournemouth, 8th-11th June. Details at:

Research Methods Festival, Oxford, 5th-8th July. More at:

The engaging researcher, Manchester, 6th July. Find out more at:

Project Management in the Real World for Research Staff, De Montfort, 15th November.  Details at:–for-Research-Staff.html


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