Forthcoming Methods@manchester events

What is? Talks: Thursdays from 1-2pm, Room 1.69/1.70, Humanities Bridgeford Street

On Thursday 29 April Alastair Hall of Economics will explain how the Generalized Method of Moments (GMM) provides a computationally convenient method for estimating the parameters of statistical models based on the information in population moment conditions. See for more information.

What is Creative Interviewing? Jennifer Mason, Realities and Sociology, Thursday 6 May

‘Creative interviewing’ refers to a form of interview that is qualitative, flexible, loosely or semi-structured (non-standardised) and involves the construction of data and knowledge through processes that can be seen as ‘creative’ in some way. See for more information.

Additional seminars

Using History to Make Sense of the Present: Methodological Challenges, Leif Jerram, History, Wednesday 5 May, 1-2pm, Room G30/31, Arthur Lewis Building

Historical thinking abounds, both inside and outside the academy, but often bypasses academic history entirely. This seminar explores some of the problems that this can pose scholars, as well as policy makers, and suggests some of the reasons why academic historians have struggled to be relevant in these contexts. I will highlight some intellectually catastrophic effects this can have on policy discourses; and explore how social scientists might approach academic history to enlarge their evidence bases and critical frameworks.

Audio recordings

Audio recordings of all the What is? talks are added to the web site, usually about one week after the presentation. These are available from the methods pages at

Other events

Learning and teaching with real data: data and resources

Last few remaining free places

**Tuesday 4 May 2010 at The University of Manchester**

This full day workshop organised is designed for current and future HE teachers interested in using real data in their teaching.  The day combines:

  • Presentations from teachers of sociology and politics talking about their experience of using real data in their teaching.
  • Information about the government, international and longitudinal data and resources available through the Economic and Social Data Services
  • A hands-on workshop using ESDS data and resources
  • An opportunity to share experience with other teachers and to discuss your needs with data support service staff.

Lunch and coffee will be provided.


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