Forthcoming Methods@manchester events

What is an e-lab? Online social and health data, methods and investigators

Georgina Moulton, Community Based Medicine

Thursday 27 May, 1 – 2pm, in Room 1.69/1.70, Humanities Bridgeford Street

An e-Lab is a secure, online environment that brings together data, research methods, analytical tools, references and people at the point of investigation or decision making. This talk will cover the motivation driving the development of the e-Lab; an overview of the technical and operational infrastructure; and the use of e-Labs using case-driven examples.

What is ethnomethodology?

Wes Sharrock, Sociology

Thursday 3 June, 1 – 2pm, in Room 1.69/1.70, Humanities Bridgeford Street

Ethnomethodology thinks of itself as an asymmetrical and incommensurable alternate to sociology more generally. Its methodological preoccupations can be articulated around the theme of unique adequacy, which arises from conceiving ‘sociological description’ as something which (a) is practiced by the participants in social affairs themselves and (b) is itself socially organised. This talk will provide plain explications of the jargon (e.g. ‘alternate, ‘incommensurable’, ‘unique adequacy’) and will illustrate the general issues with examples from ethnomethodology’s collection of studies.

What are health trajectories?

Tarani Chandola, CCSR

Thursday 10 June, 1 – 2pm, Hanson Room, Humanities Bridgeford Street

methods@manchester Summer Event

Thursday 10 June 2010, 3 – 5pm, in the Foyer, Humanities Bridgeford Street

An informal event with drinks and light refreshments and an opportunity to give us your views on next year’s programme. We hope you will come. Please book a place at to help with catering numbers.

Audio recordings

Audio recordings of all the What is? talks are added to the web site, usually about one week after the presentation. These are available from the methods pages at

These recordings can now be downloaded as podcasts. You can subscribe in iTunes or any other media player by following the links at the bottom of

Details of all methods@manchester events can be found at


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