Book your place at Pathways 2010

Now’s the time to book your FREE place at this year’s Pathways careers event, the largest careers event for people with PhDs in the UK.

What is it?

You can find out more about academic careers as well as other career options for people with a PhD at this 3-day event (11th, 14th and 16th June). You can choose to attend for as much or as little of the event as you like, and you’ll have the chance to hear about career pathways of PhD graduates, be able to participate in career development workshops and have the opportunity to meet employers who are specifically looking to recruit people with PhDs.

What’s in it for me?

If you’re planning a career in academia, you’re bound to find something useful at Pathways including workshops on Strategic Academic Career Planning, Academic Interviews, Clarifying Career Goals, Grant and Fellowship Application and Marketing your PhD.

If you’re thinking of moving outside of academia you can explore the potential options by hearing from people who now use their PhD in non-academic roles including in non-academic HE roles, public sector jobs, freelance and consultation work and business and marketing (to name just a few). You can also meet potential employers who are looking for people with PhDs at the recruitment fair on the 16th.

How do I book?

For more information or to book your place, visit:


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