Who owns your research?

When you publish your research in a journal, you’re often asked to sign copyright over to them. Should you do it? If you do, can you publish your article on your personal website or upload it to e-scholar without breaching copyright? If you’re not certain, you may want to consider coming along to a forthcoming seminar on Intellectual Property for Academics and Supervisors.

This two hour session will cover briefly the main types of copyright that you will come across during your research at the University. As a supervisor you will be asked if your student can insert pictures, text and other published materials into their thesis. Further, your student may have published part of their thesis before submission and thus signed over the copyright to this work. You yourself may want to publish online but it may affect the work being accepted in leading journals.

This session will cover these aspects of IP, relate them to University policy as well as taking you through Humanities related case studies to consider how you would implement that policy.

The session will be held on July 12th, 10.00-12.00 in Alan Turing room G114.

To book a place, go to: http://www.humanities.manchester.ac.uk/humnet/acaserv/pgresearch/researcherdevelopment/staffdev/calendar/index.htm

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