Call for bids from the Joseph Rowntree Foundation

JRF is commited to working towards better outcomes for people and places that experience poverty and social disadvantage. We are concerned that the current economic, social and environmental context – coupled with a long-term reduction in public spending – presents a real threat to these communities.

We are seeking proposals for projects that help us understand the future we are facing, and make concrete suggestions for ways in which disadvantaged communities can be protected, or even supported to thrive.

Proposals must have relevance to our mission to search out underlying causes, demonstrate solutions and influence lasting change in one or more of our overarching themes: poverty, empowerment and place.

We are interested in funding a range of projects, including theoretical work or deliberative processes, as well as research projects. We will not fund ongoing service delivery, but will consider funding projects that draw on practice to demonstrate solutions to the challenges we face.


The JRF accepts proposals from any organisation or individual and does not restrict its funding to any particular sector. We are interested in the idea, an appropriate and robust design and the ability to deliver at an appropriate cost.

Project funding of up to £100,000 is available. Deadline for initial outline proposals 2nd August 2010.

For more information go to:


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