Getting feedback when you didn’t get that job

It’s obviously difficult, when you have just been rejected, to ask for feedback, but it can be a cruical part of improving your performance in applications and interviews.

Following on from recent posts about Academic Career Planning and Academic CVs, I recently came across this post on The ‘Confessions of a Community Dean’ US blog about getting feedback after an academic job interview : While the blog post is written from the perspective of a recruiter and therefore outlines the difficulties of responding to requests for feedback from unsuccessful interviewees, some of the comments on the post offer useful tips on how to ask for feedback so that you can take something away, even if you don’t get the job.

There are also some useful tips for receiving and using feedback from job interviews at:


One thought on “Getting feedback when you didn’t get that job

  1. Dear Claire

    This immensely helpful, as usual. And by the way, one of the comments left at the ‘Confessions… ‘ entry speak precisely about what I mentioned in my comment to one of your previous entries: that getting a job is not always and not only down to merit. Here is what the comment says:

    “There are always politics involved in academic hiring which have absolutely nothing to do with qualifications and everything to do with whatever “agenda” is current with a particular departmental hiring committee and how they get along with one another.”

    And of course, the ‘Confessions..’ entry makes a wonderful point regarding how the feedback – even if you receive one – will never be entirely honest and straightforward, due to fears of lawsuits.


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