Have you benefitted from Research Staff development?

One of the co-chairs of the UK Research Staff Association (see http://vitae.ac.uk/researchers/205761/UKRSA.html for more info or to join) is currently helping RCUK to assess the impact of the training offered to Research Staff in Universitites across the UK. One way she’s doing that is by asking Research Staff to post comments on their experience of training and development on Vitae’s Research Staff blog.

If you’d like to make any comment about any of the workshops that you have attended (either here in Manchester or the ones offered by Vitae), the Research Staff conference or any other career development support that you have received from the Faculty or University (including places like the Careers Service), you can post your comment at:


Alternatively you can comment on this post, and I can pass your thoughts on. Needless to say, in the current economic climate Research Staff support may well be an easy target for funding cuts and so it’s important that, if you do feel that Researcher Development is important and useful, you make your voice heard.

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