Methods@manchester annual funding competition

Methods@manchester runs an annual competition for small grants to support methods-related activities. The competition is open to all staff in the Humanities Faculty, but applications from more junior members of staff will be particularly welcome (joint applicants who are outside the Faculty will be welcome). The scheme is not open to PhD students.

Applications are invited for activities that extend, develop or promote methods through: inter-disciplinarily; innovation; international collaboration; new technologies; or new course development

There is funding for four awards, of up to £5000 each. The titles and aims of the successful applications from the previous year can be found at:

It is expected that these awards will stimulate further activity in the form of: grant applications, new collaborations, new courses/training activities. Examples might include: developing innovative digital tools for research; development of advanced courses, eg Structural equation modelling; seminars to develop international networks. The funds will NOT support attendance at conferences.

A sub-committee of the Management Board of methods@manchester will judge the applications and decide which to fund.

Timetable: applications should be submitted by Wednesday December 22nd. They should be sent to:

Decisions will be made by mid-February 2011. Funded projects can start immediately they receive approval and should be completed by end March 2012.

The application should not exceed 3 A4 pages. It should contain the following information:

  • Names and affiliation of applicants; contact details of main applicant
  • Set out the key aim, ie how Manchester’s methodological standing/expertise will be enhanced through the proposal
  • Explain how this will be achieved
  • Provide a timetable
  • Explain what costs are needed – it is recommended that you talk with the Research Support office to obtain realistic costings
  • Describe the expected outputs
  • Explain how outputs will be disseminated and the benefits that are expected
  • A short summary of the relevant experience of each applicant.

If you have further questions please email


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