The Emotional Challenges of Writing

Further to my earlier posts about  academic writing, the Realities Centre here at Manchester has just released a video clip in which Prof. Carol Smart talks about why academic writing can be so hard and possible strategies for overcoming difficulties.

You can view the video, or read a transcript, at:

Kerry Ann Rockquemore has also written a recent ‘Surviving Tenure’ post on the Inside Higher Ed pages advising that successful academic writing is not all about waiting for inspiration to strike, but about taking control of one’s own academic writing. She argues that: “When I hear new professors say they only write when they are “inspired” to do so, it signals to me that they have not yet internalized the fact that writing is their job. We don’t wait to be “inspired” to teach our classes, and I’ve never heard anyone say they had to be touched by the Meeting Muse before they could attend a committee meeting. We just do these things as normal everyday professional activities”. She therefore suggests that you take control of your writing and find time to write every day (even if it’s just for 30 minutes), whether you feel ‘inspired’ or not.

To read Rockquemore’s full article, go to:


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