Important: ESRC Post-doc fellowship scheme closing

The ESRC will be closing its Post-doc Fellowship scheme at the beginning of February, so anyone in the process of making an application will need to get it in by Feb 1st or it won’t be accepted.

In addition, it is also closing its Small Grants scheme, but will be operating a new ‘Future Leaders’ scheme for early career researchers from Spring 2011:

Future Leaders grants scheme

The ESRC remains committed to offering opportunities for both excellent established researchers and future potential research leaders. We will introduce a new Future Leaders grants scheme for the social sciences, which will replace our current postdoctoral fellowship and first grants schemes. We have worked with the British Academy (BA) to ensure this scheme complements their Early Career Fellowship scheme.

Main features:

• The scheme will provide grants of up to two years to support clearly defined projects.

• It will seek to develop future research leaders in the three priority areas identified in this plan as well as in areas where there is an identified skills shortage.

• It will be open to new researchers within six years of their PhD.

• The scheme will support 50-80 new grants per year.

The Arts and Humanities Research Council, the BA and the ESRC will publish a joint statement on provision on early and mid career support.

For more on the ESRC’s 2011-15 delivery plans, see:


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