Junk the Jargon Competition – Update

Postgraduate Researchers, Post-Docs & Research Staff, in only 3 minutes, can you…
  • engage, inspire or challenge the audience?
  • communicate your research simply and directly?
  • share your research but avoid the jargon?
  • show why your research is important and relevant?
We challenge you to present your research to a non-specialist audience. Can you make it clear, interesting and entertaining?
Prizes – 1st place £500, 2nd place £200, 3rd place £100 and the Audience Vote!
Places still available on ‘Delivery’ workshops – Thursday 13th Jan:

A practical session to improve key skills in presentation style. Explore techniques for engaging body language, using props and effectively using the voice. Presented by David Price of Science Made Simple.

  • Delivery 3: 13 January 2011, 11:15 – 12:15, University Place, 5.204 – Register here
  • Delivery 4: 13 January 2011, 14:45 – 15:45, University Place, 5.204 – Register here
New resources to help you to prepare on the Junk the Jargon Website:

Meet one of the Junk the Jargon grand final judges in this week’s podcast – http://tinyurl.com/353jq8v – top tips from Marieke Navin of MOSI

New Junk the Jargon blog post: Collective Wisdom – http://tinyurl.com/37w9tm5 – a round up of advice from our podcast interviews

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