Get Paid To Test Drive “An Academic Career”

The Careers Service are due to launch their new website, “An Academic Career”, in the next few weeks, and are keen to get some feedback from their intended audience – you! They’re looking for 10 willing test drivers who can roam around the pre-launch site and give a detailed report back, so they can fix any problems before it officially goes live.

 You’ll get a £20 Amazon voucher for your efforts (assuming you deliver).

They need to get a broad representation of their intended readership, so they’re looking for:

  • One PhD from each faculty
  • One post-doc from each faculty
  • Two Masters or undergrads (one humanities, one science/technology)

You’ll need to be seriously considering getting into (or out of) an academic career and complete a feedback report by the 16th February, so they can make changes before they launch on the 1st March. They’re limiting this paid opportunity to students and staff at the University of Manchester, but the site will be open to anyone to use when it goes live.

If you are interested, please email “ at” (replacing the “at” with “@” of course), giving:

  • Your name
  • Contact details
  • Your course and/or job (degree level/job title, subject, faculty)
  • Your nationality – they’d like to get representation from both UK and non-UK users

They’ll get back to you early next week to confirm that they’re happy for you to be one of their paid reviewers.

What’s on the site? In addition to lots of info and videos on what academic careers are really like, it has separate information for PhDs, post-doctoral research/teaching staff, and Masters/undergraduates on:

  • Pathways to becoming an academic
  • How to get support and advice
  • How to find jobs/PhDs What are some of the alternatives to an academic career?

There are also some searching questions to ask yourself around: What do you want out of a career? Have you got what it takes to make it in academia? (Don’t worry, this also has loads of suggestions for things you can do to get your academic career on track) Finally, for those at the point of applying for post-doctoral jobs and lectureships, there is information on CVs, applications, interviews and assessment.


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