Proximities: Thinking about Relationality


Proximities: Thinking about Relationality

14th & 15th September 2011

University of Manchester

Proximities will provide an exciting forum for the discussion how social research can incorporate more complex and multi-layered accounts of personal lives into academic writings and analyses. We are using the concept of Proximities as openly as possible to foreground a range of possible relationships and to avoid hierarchies of closeness, kin, or household, and in order to include those forms which might conventionally be regarded as unimportant or marginal.

Keynote Speakers:

  • Sue Heath, Professor of Sociology, University of Manchester
  • Danny Miller, Professor of Material Culture, University College London
  • Valerie Walkerdine, Research Professor, Cardiff University

Abstracts for papers or posters are invited from postgraduates, researchers and established scholars alike and papers may focus on empirical studies or theoretical research. Please see the attached poster for a list of topics to stimulate ideas, it is not prescriptive or exhaustive.

Submitting an Abstract

To submit an abstract, please visit our website to download a submission form

The deadline for submissions is 10am, Monday 4th April 2011.

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