Practical creativity – putting all of your brain to good use!

Tuesday 15 March 2011, 09:30-17:00, Room to be confirmed.

Whether you’re a member of research or academic staff, you’ll want to establish practical, creative habits that allow you to innovate, to solve problems and to collaborate positively. Throw into that mix the fact that any research project is an exercise in creative problem solving and that every funding bid or publication requires novelty, and it soon becomes clear that researchers benefit from the ability to come up with new and workable ideas. This interactive workshop is designed to equip you with a number of tools and approaches to do exactly that.

By the end of this workshop you will have:

  1. Used a number of effective tools for generating new ideas
  2. Explored a powerful process for managing creativity
  3. Identified the factors supporting your personal creativity
  4. Applied all these to real situations

No role-plays – we’re after real results

We want you to bring about a lasting and useful enhancement in your creativity and to use that learning to make a positive difference to your research and your life. With this in mind, the programme is delivered by a professional coach and trainer who has been a university-based researcher and who works extensively in UK universities. The event is highly interactive, right from the start, you’ll be practicing, reflecting on and observing creative thinking skills and approaches.

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