Low Carbon and Environment Competition 2011

If you have an innovative idea for a new low carbon technology, service or behavioural change then we are keen to hear from you.

As we move into the new century, the reality of climate change is becoming clearer.  Modern life with all its conveniences like centralised electrical power, endless gadgets, cheap inefficient housing, cars and mass production has a high carbon output. This is clearly not sustainable in its current form and we all need to act now to drastically reduce our carbon output.

The Low Carbon & Environment Competition 2011 is aiming to help address this need for change by developing new innovations to assist in reducing overall greenhouse gas emissions.

UMIC, UMIP and it’s supporters are delighted to launch The Low Carbon and Environment Competition 2011 and now welcomes competition entries for innovative low carbon projects.

This competition will enable University of Manchester academics and staff to submit a business plan for a low carbon or environmentally friendly business venture, with the view to commercialising this business enterprise.

The competition will run from 7th February 2011 to 20th May 2011 and entrants must be available to present a summary of their idea to the Low Carbon Competition advisory board at the Grand Prix event in June 2011.

More info at: http://www.umic.co.uk/innovation_portal/low_carbon__and__environment_competition/


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