CROS 2011 – Give us your thoughts

Now – May 30th 2011

Those of you who have been members of Research Staff for a while will probably remember completing the Careers in Research On-line Survey (CROS) in 2009. As a result of that survey we made several changes to the opportunities on offer to Research Staff at Manchester (including the micro-mentoring scheme, cross-Faculty induction sessions for new Research Staff and a review of the PDR process for Research Staff). However, we know that there is still room for improvement, so we’re really keen to hear your thoughts in this year’s survey.

Unlike other surveys that we’ve undertaken internally, CROS is a national survey and so not only provides a huge amount of data for bodies like Vitae to use to influence policy and practice in the sector, but also allows us to compare conditions and levels of satisfaction at Manchester with those across the UK. Clearly, then, there is a real opportunity to send strong messages at both a national and institutional level – it really is your chance to have your say about what it’s like to be a member of Research Staff in Manchester.

The survey allows you to comment on a range of work-related issues including how you were recruited, how well you were inducted, how fair you think conditions for Research Staff are, and what training and development opportunities you’d like to be offered.

The survey takes about 30 minutes to complete in total, but some of the questions are optional, and even a partially completed form gives us useful data so if you really don’t have time for the whole thing, it would still be useful for you to tell us things that you feel strongly about (in a negative or a positive way!). Clearly, as a Research Staff Development Officer, I’m especially interested in hearing about any development that you’ve done, what difference it’s made and whether there are things that you think we should be offering but aren’t.

You can access this year’s form at: and it will remain open until May 30th


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