Information literacy for researchers

23 March, 09:30-12:30

John Rylands University Library, Manchester

Information literacy is a key factor in the development of your skills as a researcher. The national Researcher Development Framework (RDF) makes extensive reference to the handling of research information and highlights the skills exhibited by researchers who are effective in this area. This framework, endorsed by Research Councils UK and many other professional bodies, describes the knowledge, behaviours and attitudes of successful researchers and encourages you to aspire to excellence through achieving higher levels of development.

This highly interactive workshop will provide an introduction to the RDF and how you might use the framework to:

  • identify your strengths in information management
  • identify areas for future development of your information literacy
  • provide a language to evidence your information literacy skills to current and future employers
  • prepare for one-on-one reviews with your supervisor or principal investigator about your development as a researcher

Comments from researchers who have used the RDF include:

  • “I’ve always thought of myself as being quite ambitious, driven and focussed on what I want, but the framework made me realise I can have a much larger visions than I currently have.”
  • The RDF “…identified areas for me that I needed to hone and really made me think about my career development.  I’ve highlighted things now that I know I need to do. “
  • “It was very good for me to reflect.  I realised that nothing is stopping me but myself.  The sky is the limit.”

To book your free place on this course, email your name, contact details and institution to Please include ‘Information literacy for researchers, 23 March’ in your email.


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