Could you teach Sixth formers about your research?

The University of Manchester has developed a website to bring together, in one place, the subject-specific Lectures that the institution can offer to Sixth Form learners.

There is considerable, and growing, demand from schools and colleges for expert lecturers to speak to school and college groups either on- or off-campus. The University is therefore putting together an online repository of subject-specific lectures offered by the University. As well as offering schools and colleges a quick and easy way to find an expert, it will also provide researchers with a way to get involved in widening/public engagement.

The website has been set up to:

–          Help to manage demand for specific topics to ensure that no one Academic School or Discipline receives a large number of requests

–          Provide a way for Academic Schools to engage with different types of schools and colleges

–          Help to manage demand from schools and colleges.

–          Channel requests to appropriate, nominated academic contacts within Academic Schools

–          Ensure that all engagements are recorded so that these can be reported easily as part of the University’s national and regional reporting requirements.

If you’re interested in taking your research to a broader public or are considering teaching as a potential career, this scheme may be one way that you can make contact with local schools and colleges to try your stuff out.

Please complete your information here to indicate your interest. There is space to include a provisional Lecture Title and a short description, if you have this information already. You have to be willing and able to deliver your lecture up to 3 times in an academic year.

If you would like to discuss your possible involvement further, please contact Kathryn McTavish []


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