Academic Careers Toolkit – your feedback needed!

If you’ve managed to take a look at the Academic Careers Toolkit that was recently launched by the Careers Service here in Manchester, they’d love to hear your feedback. You can access the feedback form on the Careers PGR blog at:

If you haven’t taken a look yet, but are contemplating a career in academia, it’s essential viewing…

The website is open to all researchers, whether they are at Manchester or elsewhere, and covers all disciplines. It tries to answer many of the questions careers advisers have received from postgraduates, post-doctoral research and teaching staff (and undergraduates) about how to make it as an academic.

Recognising that these questions are often different depending on where you are in your career, there is a choice of three different entry points to “Is an academic career for you?”.

“About academic careers” features academics’ views of their work, how to become an academic, a detailed section for those at doctoral level and beyond, and a range of real life academic career stories.

If you’re at the stage of looking for post-doctoral posts or academic jobs, there are sections on “Finding jobs”, “Making applications” and “Interviews and assessment”.

Throughout the site there are video clips of academics and early career researchers, and much of the site has been developed from interviews with academics, feedback from researchers and many years of listening to academics talking about their work and their careers.

To take a look go to


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