Forthcoming Methods@manchester events

Research methods and social responsibility

Wednesday 8 June 2011, 10.30 – 4.00

Lecture Theatre, Manchester Dental Education Centre (MANDEC), Bridgeford Street, University of Manchester

This workshop is the first of a series of one-day meetings that we are organising on ‘research methods and social responsibility’. The overarching aim of the meetings will be to explore cross-disciplinary perspectives on the methodological and ethical issues that arise in all research encounters. Our first meeting sets out to provoke a conversation between researchers either based at the University of Manchester or with strong connections to Manchester. Each of our speakers will give a short, ten minute presentation setting out the challenges presented by their particular research activities, and the ways in which they respond to these challenges. The day is divided into two broad themes; the first four talks discuss research that engages with conflict, disasters, suffering and advocacy; the second four address the question of how research is valued and evaluated more generally, raising questions about the links between social responsibility and wider issues concerning the ethics and politics of research more generally. Each set of four short talks will be followed by wider discussion and debate. In a final session we aim to take stock of the issues that have arisen during the day and identify questions that people would like to take forward in future events.

To view the programme and book a place please go to


Estimating and measuring the effects of inequality

Wednesday 15 June 2011, 12.30 – 5.00

Room 1.69/1.70, Humanities Bridgeford Street Building

There have been strong debates over whether living in more unequal societies results in a range of social problems. This methods@manchester event includes a selection of presentations on the impact of inequality. It includes presentations on education, ethnicity and from the authors of the Spirit Level which suggests that social problems are worse among the vast majority of the population in more unequal societies – not just among the poor. The presentations will be followed by an open discussion.

To view the programme and book a place please go to


Experiments Research Network Third Seminar

Wednesday 22 June 2011, 2.00 ‐ 4.30 (Tea and coffee available from 1.30pm)

Harold Hankins Conference Suite (Rooms 10.04/10.05), Harold Hankins Building

This is the third seminar of the University of Manchester Experiments Research Network, which aims to promote collaboration on experimental research and exchange methodological expertise. It is funded by methods@manchester.

See for more information.

Please register for the seminar by contacting Sashi Palaniswamy, or by telephone on 0161 275 8080.


The Impact Agenda – an ESRC-funded seminar series

Seminar 3: The interaction between academic knowledge producers and government organisations

Monday 4 July 2011
Royal Statistical Society, Errol Street, London

There are well established, long term relationships between UK academic and government organisations. However, the relationship between academic and non-academic organisations may be becoming even more crucial. The Research Excellence Framework (REF), which will assess the quality of research in UK higher education institutions, sets as one of its assessment criteria the wider impact of research.

In this seminar presentations will take the form of a dialogue between an academic who is involved in knowledge transfer, and a corresponding non-academic from a partner in a commissioning government department/agency.

Each speaker will give a 15 minute presentation to set the scene; the facilitator will then open this up for questions, discussion from the audience and the speakers will respond and, in so doing, provide more detail and develop this issues more fully. To view the programme and book a place please go to


Methods Fair 2011

Wednesday 5 October 2011

Roscoe Building, University of Manchester

More details about the Methods Fair are starting to be added to the methods@manchester website. If you would like to attend, even if just for one or two sessions, please book a place at

If you would like to display a poster that highlights the methodological aspects of your research please go to and find out more. There will be prizes for the best three posters and we expect several hundred people to attend the event so this is a good way to get your research known.


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