Effective Researcher for Research Staff – 12/13 September 2011 at Loughborough University.

This is a very successful and effective programme, and highly recommended by previous attendees. 

This cross institutional development event provides a fantastic opportunity for networking with research colleagues.

The programme is aimed at early career research staff (whether having a doctorate, experience, or other qualifications) within the first 3–15 months of a research contract with project management responsibility. The programme has been designed to integrate self-awareness and learning across a number of key areas, which include:

* project management – for the researcher’s own projects, and in assisting others with their projects, and including the creativity of developing new projects

* people management – managing others (students, technicians, etc) and being managed (PIs, department heads, etc)

* prioritisation of competing tasks and managing complex, diverse workloads

* orientation within a longer-term career.

For further details please follow the link: http://www.vitae.ac.uk/policy-practice/1746-430541/How-to-be-an-Effective-Researcher-for-Research-Staff-2-day-non-residential-course.html#pageInfo

The cost to external institutes will be £50 per delegate, this does not include travel or accommodation costs.


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