methods@manchester event – Big Statistics

On Friday 26 August 2011, there is a special seminar given by Prof. Dennis Lin of The Pennsylvania State University, USA, who is currently visiting Cambridge University.

Room: Frank Adams 2, Alan Turing Building
Date/Time: Friday 26 August 2011, 15:00-16:00

Speaker: Dennis K.J. Lin, University Distinguished Professor, Department of Statistics, Pennsylvania State University


In the past decades, we have witnessed the revolution of information technology. Its impact to statistical research is enormous. This talk attempts to address recent developments and some potential research issues in Business, Industry and Government (BIG) Statistics, with special focus on computer experiment and information systems. An overall introduction and review will be given, followed by specific research potentials. For each subject, the problem will be introduced, some initial results will be presented, and future research problems will be suggested. If time permits, I will also discuss some recent advances in Search Engine and RFID study. Slides of this talk can be downloaded at the website


Dr. Dennis Lin is a University Distinguished Professor of Supply Chain and Statistics at Penn State University. His research interests are quality engineering, industrial statistics, data mining and response surface. He has published over 150 papers in a wide variety of journals. He currently serves as co-editor for Applied Stochastic Models for Business and Industry, and associate editor for various journals: Technometrics, Statistica Sinica, Journal of Quality Technology, Journal of Data Science, Quality Technology & Quality Management, Journal of Statistics and Its Applications, and Journal of Statistical Theory and Practice.

Dr. Lin is an elected fellow of ASA and ASQ, an elected member of ISI, a lifetime member of ICSA, and a fellow of RSS. He is also the recipient of the 2004 Faculty Scholar Medal Award at Penn State University. Recent honors for Dr. Lin includes the Youden Address Speaker (2010), the Don Owen Award (2011) and the Loutit Address Speaker (SSC, 2011).

Booking is not required for this event, please just turn up on the day. Please contact Professor Jianxin Pan at if you have any queries about the event.


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