Skills for Mentors and Managers – last chance to apply

Thurs 2 February & Tues 20 March 2012 (two day course), 9:30 – 16:30

Book at:

*Please book both events as attendance is required on both days.*

Delivered by Dr Jamie McDonald, a professional coach and trainer from Skyward Coaching & Development.

Develop a toolkit of approaches to mentor, coach and manage others effectively. A very practical course with plenty of practice to cultivate ways to communicate in one-to-one situations. Course details are below.

This course is open to Research Staff and Academic Staff across the University. You must be able to attend both days. To register book online via ePROG.

About the course
• Do you want to get the best from yourself, your students, researchers and colleagues?
• Do you want to hold useful and engaging annual reviews, appraisals and meetings?
• Do you want to help people take greater responsibility for their development and performance?

If so, you’ll be interested in this two-day workshop that introduces you to the practical use of mentoring skills. The model that you’ll learn has much in common with current thinking on leadership as well as professional and personal development. It provides a powerful complement, and an alternative approach, to traditional management.

Our objectives
This workshop develops a set of skills that are transferable to any situation or relationship and that can have a powerful impact on your personal and career development. More specifically, we aim to develop your ability to:

• Create an effective environment for learning and development
• Work with others to move them into compelling, accountable action
• Facilitate the learning of those around you
• Communicate effectively, using powerful listening and questioning skills

No role plays – we’re after real results
This experiential workshop is delivered by professional coaches and trainers who have been university-based researchers and managers. We want participants to bring about lasting and powerful improvement in performance in real situations. With this in mind, we never ask you to engage in role-playing or to work on invented case studies.

Reflecting this strong, practical focus, the event is ‘hands on’ and highly interactive throughout. Right from the start, you’ll learn by using and observing specific skills and being coached yourself. You’ll receive direct and personalised feedback from the workshop leaders and your peers, and be challenged to try out this new way of working with real people and real situations. To give experience of using the skills at work, you are also challenged to use what you learn between days one and two of the workshop.

To ensure the most effective learning experience, we ask all participants to arrange their diary in advance so they can attend both days fully. This is the kind of rigour that produces real results and a strong learning environment for every participant.
94% of participants recommend the workshop to others. How the event will benefit you depends on how you implement what you learn. Previous participants cite the benefits as:

• Being a better boss, supervisor or mentor
• Avoiding misunderstanding and confrontation, and developing stronger relationships
• Getting people to be responsible and accountable for their own actions
• Feeling more competent and having a better quality of life.


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