More on mentoring

Manchester University’s Micro-Mentoring scheme has been devised to offer one opportunity for Research Staff to get the benefits of mentoring, without the usual time commitment required by most mentoring schemes. Instead, researchers are able to arrange a one-off mentoring meeting with an ‘expert’ mentor of their choice at a time that suits both the mentor and the researcher.

If you have a problem or question related to your current or future career, the micro-mentoring scheme may be the answer. Your job is to find someone who you think might be willing and able to give some help or advice, and we’ll give you vouchers for 2 two-course lunches at Christie’s Bistro on Oxford Road. The scheme is flexible enough to accommodate a range of research staff, whatever your current role, situation or discipline, and whatever your career goals or aspirations.

Whoever you are and wherever you want to go, if you have an hour to spare at lunchtime the micro-mentoring scheme is for you.

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