The University of Manchester/ Johnson & Johnson Co-Managed Fund

The University of Manchester and Johnson & Johnson Inc’s Co-Managed Research Fund was created to enable early-stage development of novel research ideas with the potential for translation into new healthcare applications and generating intellectual property. A new round of funding is now available.

The fund is looking to provide FOUR grants, each of up to £65,000, to enable University researchers to undertake one-year pilot projects on novel research to demonstrate proof-of-principle.

Of particular interest to the Fund, are projects with opportunities in the following areas:

> Neuroscience (Alzheimer’s, Psychiatry, Pain)
> Cancer (lung, prostate, hematologic malignancies)
> Inflammation
> Topical skin care (anti-aging, sun protection)
> Medical devices including orthopedics
> Sleep disorders
> Hearing

University researchers wishing to apply should submit an Expression of Interest (EOI) no later than Thursday 8th March. Please see the application form here.

Successful applicants will be requested to work up a substantive formal project proposal in collaboration with UMIP from Thursday 29th March. Final project proposals will be presented to UMIP/J&J’s Investment Committee on Thursday 17th May.


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