Vitae publish three-year review of the Concordat

Vitae have recently published a three year review of the impact of the Concordat to Support the Career Development of Researchers. They’ve found that some things have changed quite significantly for Researchers over the last few years – including a reduction in the use of fixed term contracts, an increase in the number of Research Staff Associations (including the establishment of Manchester’s own RSA) and better recruitment and induction practices.

However, they also identify some key areas for further work, and particularly highlight disappointing progress in Research Staff taking responsibility for their own career development. This is certainly something that we’re trying to support here at Manchester through things like the Researcher-Led Initiatives competition that we’re currently running (deadline May 11th!), and the RSA is a great way to get involved in influencing conditions and provision for Research Staff.

If you’re interested in thinking about your professional development, but not sure where to start, you might find Vitae’s Researcher Development Framework useful. We’ve used it to structure our development programme on our Researcher Development Team website so you can decide where your development priorities lie, and find training and development opportunities to help.



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