British Academy/Leverhulme Small Grants scheme timetable announced

Grants are available to support primary research in the humanities and social sciences. The first recourse for funding should be to your own institution (where applicable). Applications will not be considered for less than £500. The maximum grant is £10,000 over two years.

Funds are available to facilitate initial project planning and development; to support the direct costs of research; and to enable the advancement of research through workshops or conferences, or visits by or to partner scholars. Applicants may seek support for any combination of eligible activity and cost up to the overall limit of £10,000. The Academy will assess applications equally on their merits, with no preference as to mode of enquiry.

The closing date for applications for the next round of small research grants will be on 7 November 2012. Application forms will be available from 17 September. The starting date of grants in this round will be not earlier than 1 April 2013 and not later than 31 August 2013. 

The second round of competition in the academic year 2012-13 will be opened in February 2013 for research beginning between 1 September 2013 and 31 March 2014. The deadline for this round will be on 10 April 2013.

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