Vitae event – Engaging Researcher: University of Birmingham

Date: 11th September 2012

Audience: Postgraduate researchers and research staff (and academics)

Logistics: 1 day

Learning outcomes: This one day highly interactive workshop has been designed for researchers who are new to, or have some experience with public engagement.

During the workshop, participants will:

· explore how public engagement can benefit you, your research, research funders and the public with whom you engage

· discover the huge range of activities you can use to engage the public with your research

· investigate the needs of different publics, explore potential engagement barriers, and identify solutions for overcoming them

· explore methods for evaluating the impact and success of public engagement activities

· put your knowledge and skills into action to design and plan a public engagement activity

· examine which public engagement activities complement your current skills and what will help you develop your skills further

· learn how to take the next steps in finding public engagement contacts and opportunities

· collaborate with peers from a range of disciplines.

More details and booking at:


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