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Last week, Charlotte Frost of the wonderful PhD2Published blog declared November #acwrimo (academic writing month). The concept of #acwirmo comes from NaNoWriMo where the aim is to write a whole book in month.

Crazy? Yes – but that’s the whole idea. #Acwrimo is like a giant, global academic, aerobics session. It’s designed to help you push yourself to produce more than usual, but for a short period of time. You ‘sign up’ by  making a public declaration of your goals on Twitter using the #acwrimo hashtag, or by replying to the announcement post.

This is the second year that #acwrimo has been run. To be entirely honest with you, I didn’t do #acwrimo last year on ethical grounds. I consider myself a productive academic and I didn’t see the point in pushing any harder. In part my resistence to the idea stemmed from a suspicion…

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