Two more development opportunities in January

Networking without Nausea, Tues 29 Jan, 09:30 – 12:30
The right kind of people – networking without nausea
Session lead: Dr Jamie MacDonald, Skyward Coaching & Development
If you have a sense of where you’re going in your career (or any other context) you will need to find people who are willing to help and to form some kind of connection with them. Despite the fact that everyone recognises how necessary it is to form and maintain effective relationships with the right people, there can be few topics that provoke quite the strength of reaction that networking does. People often have an image of phoney chit-chat with an ulterior motive held over canapés and cheap warm wine, rather than mutually beneficial conversations with interesting people.
This workshop won’t be practice handshakes and talking about the weather, it will be about making the most of your contacts and identifying potential new relationships that will be of value to you.
So, if you’re a bit of a network-a-phobic or simply want to explore some ideas behind meeting and forming useful relationships with people, this workshop could be for you.
We’ll be looking at:
– Identifying who is important to you and to your work
– How you view them and how you might deal with them

– What your approach is to networking and how it helps or hinders you

– How else you might establish a useful professional relationship with someone
Getting the Job Done, Tues 29 Jan, 13:30 – 16:30
Session lead: Dr Jamie MacDonald, Skyward Coaching & Development
Suitable for: Anyone wanting to get around behaviours that stop them getting on with what they’ve set out to do. Anyone with perfectionist tendencies, who takes on too much, who is scared of making mistakes, who finds a million other things to do before they start, who is put off by getting feedback or who just can’t seem to take that first step. Anyone who procrastinates.
Notice when they are tripping themselves up and find new ways to get back into action
Erode the habit of tripping themselves up

Achieve what they really want
Skyward coaching and development:

Be aware of the behaviours they use to trip themselves up.
Have a greater insight into their reasons for it.

Be able to choose from a range of approaches to get back into action.

Have identified a set of practices to use back in the workplace.

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