Volunteer as an Incite Editor

Volunteer as an Incite Editor

Incite is ‘the research newsletter written for you, by you’ and it is important to us that we represent your views. However, we need your help! We are seeking to recruit new editors for Incite. By contributing two hours of your time a month and attending regular editorial meetings you can not only contribute to your local research community, but also build and reinforce a diverse skill set. We are particularly interested in recruiting Editors from Medical and Human Sciences and Humanities as these faculties are currently under-represented in our team.

The benefits of becoming an Incite editor include:

·         Add ‘Editorial experience’ to your CV

·         Raise your own profile;

·         Get excellent hands-on experience to develop your team work, negotiation and communication skills;

·         Influence and report on research staff training and development opportunities, both local and national;

·         Familiarise yourself with the deeper context of researcher development at the institutional and national level;

·         Help build a community voice for research staff at Manchester;

The expectations of an Editorial Team member are to:

·         Work closely with other members of the Editorial Team to undertake all aspects of publication including:

·         Generating ideas for content;

·         Writing/commissioning/conducting interviews for articles;

·         Editorial appraisal of submitted contributions;

·         Proof reading;

·         Laying out the first proof and liaising with external designers and printers on matters of design, format and printing;

·         Attending Editorial Team meetings (up to 4 per year of 2 hours duration)

·         Positively promote the Newsletter in your Schools & Faculty

·         Help to identify and attend promotional opportunities e.g. the annual Research Staff Conference, induction events, Pathways etc;

·         Contribute to the Incite blog (see http:// manchesterincite.wordpress.com/)

Interested? You should be! To enquire about joining our team please contact Dee-ann Johnson (Dee-Ann.Johnson@manchester.ac.uk)


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