Creating an impact – Workshop

Dear All,

This is to remind you of the follwoing workshop:

Creating an impact in your research career

By Dr Jamie McDonald from Skyward Coaching
Wednesday 15 May 2013, 09:30 – 12:30, Simon 4.38-4.60

Workshop Overview
Those who fund and assess research and universities are increasingly interested in impact, requiring that those seeking funding demonstrate the impact of their work in their field, and also in the community, the economy and/or the environment. Likewise, anyone looking to lead a career, whether in research or elsewhere, would be well placed to be able to identify and articulate their desired road ahead as well as defining steps to take to get there. Through a series of activities, reflection and discussion, this workshop addresses these issues directly.

Specifically, we’ll:
• Look at the impact agenda
• Work on your personal sense of the impact you want to create
• Identifying important attitudes and qualities to start moving in that direction
• Consider how to identify and engage the stakeholders that are relevant to their impact
• Find actions that will contribute
• Note the implications of this work for motivation, effectiveness and commitment

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