MICRA ‘Find a Researcher’ directory

MICRA is inviting all University of Manchester academics with expertise in ageing to join a public listing of researchers on the MICRA website. The aim is to highlight those involved in research on ageing at the University to external audiences, to enable searching on key areas of research focus, and to facilitate connections through signposting. Please can you pass on this invitation to individuals who may be interested in being part of the MICRA ‘find a researcher’ directory through your networks.

MICRA is a cross-faculty network promoting interdisciplinary and innovative research on all aspects of ageing and currently brings together around 1,000 academics, practitioners, policy makers and older people. Ageing has become a major area of focus for research funding and The University of Manchester has a growing commitment to supporting and investing in research on ageing. MICRA supports and facilitates research on ageing, and provides a full programme of public events including interdisciplinary seminars, PhD conferences and lectures. MICRA’s academic leads are Professor James Nazroo (Sociology), Professor Chris Phillipson (Sociology and Social Gerontology), Dr Neil Pendleton (Geriatric Medicine), Professor Alistair Burns (old age psychiatry), Professor Dean Jackson (Cell Biology) and Professor Cay Kielty (Medical Biochemistry).

The new ‘find a researcher’ directory will include the researcher’s name, job title, school and link to their research profile, plus their selection of research keywords from a set list. To be included in the directory, please complete the online survey by Friday 5 July: https://apps.mhs.manchester.ac.uk/surveys//TakeSurvey.aspx?SurveyID=78LKmm3M We would also encourage participating researchers to update their University research profile to reflect their interests and activities in research on ageing. Those who complete the survey will automatically become members of MICRA and receive our fortnightly enewsletter.

The following research keywords were identified in consultation with the MICRA committee which we hope will encompass the majority of the research:
• Social and civic engagement
• Communities, families and intergenerational networks
• Arts, languages, cultures and ageing
• The history of ageing
• Dementia, cognitive impairments and mental health
• Geriatrics and clinical gerontology
• Neuroscience, neuroimaging and neurodegeneration
• Musculoskeletal
• Health, frailty and wellbeing
• Falls and bone health
• Inequalities in later life
• Global health, development and ageing
• Public health and epidemiology
• Legal, ethical and political aspects of ageing
• Race and ethnicity
• Resilience
• Workforce, retirement and later life working
• Pensions and consumption
• Economics of ageing populations
• Cellular and molecular biology of ageing
• Regenerative medicine and stem cells
• Skin ageing, tissue repair and wound healing
• Chronobiology and circadian rhythms
• Systems biology and -omics
• Metabolism, nutrition and active ageing
• Gender, sexual function and reproductive endocrinology
• Immune senescence
• Sensory impairment and disability
• Health services, social care and economics
• Long-term care
• Transport and mobility
• Age-friendly cities and environments
• Assisted living technologies
• Population ageing and demography

Best wishes


Jo Garsden
Project Co-ordinator Manchester Interdisciplinary Collaboration for Research on Ageing (MICRA)

Tel: 0161 275 1298 Fax: 0161 275 0275


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