NVIDIA & MathWorks

IT Services welcome two key companies to our next GPU Club on Tuesday 23 July at 10 am.

Cordingley Theatre, Humanities Bridgeford Street


NVIDIA are a leading GPU manufacturer, developed the CUDA programming language for their GPUs and have worked with hundreds of software vendors to provide software applications that will run 10-100s of times faster on a GPU card than a traditional CPU core. Jeremy Purches, NVIDIA’s HPC business development manager, will give a presentation introducing GPUs and explaining best practice and their roadmap.

MathWorks sell MATLAB which provides a high level environment for programming and simulation. Jos Martin, principle architect for parallel computing tools at MathWorks, will present on how MATLAB makes use of GPUs to accelerate and create larger computational models.

The presentations will be held during the morning. After a buffet lunch, Jeremy and Jos would like to meet research groups to discuss opportunities for collaborations. If your group would like access to NVIDIA and/or MathWorks GPU experts, we strongly urge you to take advantage of this unique opportunity.

If you would like to attend either the morning session or have a meeting with NVIDIA or MathWorks, please complete the brief online registration at the above URL.

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