“The Top 10 ideas you haven’t yet had” – Thinking Skills and Creativity for Research Staff

Wednesday 5 February, 9:30 – 16:30, TBC

Help yourself and others find creative paths to great ideas.

What are the top 3 areas where you need new ideas?

– New ideas for research?

– New approaches to teaching and helping others?

– New areas for grant applications?

– New ideas for getting publications and other results?

– A way to get beyond ‘stuck’?

– Fresh thinking about your career?

– More ways to have fun.

Try listing your own – the more specific the better.

As academics a key part of our job is to make original contributions that are valuable to others, and help advance our field. Yet few of us get any formal learning on how to have new ideas of value. There are many well established techniques and processes that work, the only problem is that few people apply them systematically.  At this 1 day cross-faculty event, you’ll work in groups to practise coming up with ideas, as well as spend time working on areas of interest to you.

We’ll cover:

– The reasons why creative idea generation is a non-rational process

– Why we get ‘stuck in ruts’ without knowing that we are.

– Tools and processes we can apply systematically.

To book a place on this workshop please register your interest here.

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