Transitioning: Dealing with change and insecure circumstances

Wednesday 19/03/2014,  9:30 – 12:30,  Whitworth Building, Committee Room A (Knowles)

The objectives of this interactive workshop are that, on completing it, participants will report (1) an enhanced sense of security and self-worth and (2) that they have acquired useful psychological tools to assist their transitions through the changing and unpredictable circumstances of fixed-term research appointments.

Life is change. Sometimes that change is freely chosen, sometimes that choice is constrained, sometimes change is imposed by circumstance and, often, change comes about through an unpredictable mixture of the above. Change can be exciting and energising and it can also lead to disabling feelings of insecurity and anxiety. One key principle of this workshop is: When our circumstances change, we need to achieve appropriate psychological changes in order to live well. These psychological changes are what I mean by transitions. Change is situational; transition is psychological.
Because we are in constant interaction with our situations, insecure circumstances can feed our personal insecurities. There are some elements of our environments that we can shape to our will and purpose and there are some elements that we must accept and withstand. A second key principle of this workshop is: Both shaping and withstanding require courage and energy. Healthy transitions require an awareness of when to devote one’s courage and energy to shaping and when to withstanding.

The workshop will invite participants to reflect on their own situations and transitions in their trajectory as researchers. Participants will also distinguish between what they (individually and as a group) perceive to be challenges of shaping and challenges of withstanding. We shall then look at what one can do.

Presenter: Dr. Julian Edge, Independent Consultant
Julian Edge is in the process of transitioning out of a working life as language teacher, teacher educator, researcher, research supervisor and writer into becoming a part-time counsellor specialising in facilitating personal development in changing and uncertain times. Ah, and he may carry on writing.

To reserve a place in this workshop please click here.

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