Forthcoming AHRC Collaborative Skills Development events – Manchester and London

30 April, Manchester: The Public Library Project

What is happening to our access to knowledge? Education is being privatised while libraries and archives shrink their collections or close because of financial cuts. On the other hand, the internet, once hailed as the promised land of universal access to information, is run and controlled by governments and corporations.

The Public Library project addresses these anxieties and proposes an emancipatory infrastructure where everyone can be a librarian sharing books, sharing interests, sharing knowledge. The cultural researcher Marcell Mars will present The Public Library project and run a workshop on digitalising and sharing libraries.

Further details:

30 April & 20 May, London: Research on Display

This two-day workshop aims to encourage collaborative exhibitions between researchers and museums. It will introduce the practicalities of exhibition development and design to PhD students and Early-Career Researchers, with experienced speakers from academic and museum backgrounds, working across a broad range of subjects.

This workshop aims to increase the employability of researchers from all disciplines who might consider a career in the cultural sector, who are part of a collaborative partnership, or who simply want to know more about public engagement through exhibitions.

For further information, please contact Laura Humphreys:


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